His advice to guard hijab                 

His advice to guard hijab

The Imam believed that the covering of a woman should be such that it should not incite evil and should not show the contours of the body.  The colours of clothes should also be dark, i.e. it is possible that a bright red colour could incite mischief.

Imam also believed that one’s tone (of voice) and looks should also be pure.  In the work place, he didn’t think laughing loudly or speaking out of turn was at all suitable.  On the whole, his advice was to always observe chastity and guard hijab.

On the whole, he thought the chador (a long piece of black cloth that is normally worn by Iranian women over their clothes) was better and believed that it was more becoming.  Imam considered the chador to be the symbol of the Revolution.  When he used to see women in poor hijab, he would get very upset at the person who had acted contrary to the Islamic laws, and it would be evident from his expression.  If at dinner, our hand would come out more than allowable from our sleeves, he would remind us.

Notes: Paa be Paaye Aaftaab, Vol 1, Pg. 177


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