The importance of a healthy nafs                 

The importance of a healthy nafs

During the first few days that Imam came to A’zam Mosque, instead of giving a lesson he would give advice to the students.  His advice was such that he would break the connection and attachment between man and the world, and bring his attention to gnosticism, the hereafter and Allah.

One day, as part of his advice he said: “Look there. That picture up there, it is a picture of Agha Burujurdi while he is studying.  In the picture below, his corpse is in the hands of the people.  (In the picture) a little bit below that, Agha Burujurdi is under the ground. 

That thing which will be of use to Agha Burujurdi is a healthy nafs, which is what Agha Burujurdi had.  Otherwise these positions of power, these noises, these worldly matters, these are of no use to man when he goes under the ground.

Notes: Paa be Paaye Aaftaab, Vol 3, Pg. 319

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