LOVE'S GLANCE                 




O my love, my world begins

And ends at your door

If my life be spent here

I need nothing more


In tavern, mosque, monastery

And idol- temple floor

I bow down in the hope that

You would bless me and adore


Not a cure could find seminary

For my troubles nor the saint

O get me out of mess

With your glance ere I faint


O full of ego was the mystic

As far as I could glean

O let me have your vision

So my heart remains clean


I have shunned my self’s love

So do I now exist?

O has your gracious look at me

This insignificant gist


They call me man of pleasure

And they name me just a lover

O my joy- shorn heart be sure

Has never worn this cover


Life of hermit have I chosen

For that veiled darling

So that with his amorous glances

This drop be sea snarling

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