LOVER'S RAPTURE                 




Oh that heart is no heart at all

Which loves thy fair face not

Oh that wise is no wise at all

Who craves not thy beauty spot?


Oh for the heart - raptured lover

Pasture’s all that's in thy wine


For me save this rapture alone

What else has this life's confine?


Who hath thrown me in this desert?

It was love of thine, o my friend

What act now can rescue me?

Nowhere seen is the desert's end


If thou art a heart - raptured lover

Put soon then thyself aside

'Twixt you and him there's none

But wall of your self- pride


If you are an traveler of lover's path

Shun prayer- carpet, cloak then

No guide's there but love alone

In love thyself soak then


If thou art real lover then

Be not mystic - pious prone

As none can enter lovers' ring

But the lovers' group alone


I wish to play with his ringlet hair

What's bad in that what's vile?

One mad touch and one wild stroke

What else can give love imbecile?


Get hold of my arm and set free

My soul from this robe cant

As this robe is nothing else

But the refuge of ignorant


Knowledge, mysticism leave them aside

They lead not to the wine - house

As in the place where lovers reside

Falsehood cannot find spouse

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